Greenhouse’s energy audit and feasibility study

Growers are able to reduce their energy expenses by 30% to 50% with a quick return time thanks to our audits.

An energy audit identifies energy inefficiencies, energy saving opportunities and prioritize action. It combines an approach of the site and thermal calculations with Hortinergy.

1- A good energy efficiency of a greenhouse lies in the combination of:

Heat production and storage with a high efficiency and low cost
Efficient heat release / cooling emission for the crop rather than ambient air
Cover and screens to reduce heat loss
Airflow for an optimal climate
Dehumidification, cooling and ventilation for also an optimal climate, reducing the risk of diseases…
Lighting (cover, screen, LED, HPS) to increase photosynthesis and reduce electricity costs
Regulation and settings to ensure the proper functioning of the combination of all the above equipment.


2- Methodology of an energy audit:

The energy audit of the greenhouse takes place over a period of 2 to 3 months. It combines an approach of the site and thermal calculations with Hortinergy.

  • Preparation meeting to define your goals, your constraints (investment, human resources), your abilities…
  • Study of your greenhouse according to the specificities of the site, the climate, the technical procedures, the crops…
  • Collection of climatic data and measurement campaign if required
  • Identification of energy saving opportunities
  • Analysis, quantification and prioritization of possible improvements
  • Integration of the possible supports and subsidies in the analysis
  • Drafting of a report
  • Restitution and discussion of the results with the grower
greenhouse energy audit green

3- Study includes :


The diagnostic can guide you in obtaining funds

With Hortinergy, you can simulate screens, semi-closed greenhouse, energy consumption, sustainability, cannabis greenhouse, supplemental lighting, and calculate carbon tax rebate. We also provide trainings on energy consumption to become a greenhouse designer.

Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer, create an account and start your project.

Our consulting company Agrithermic can also support you in the design and calculation.