Energy calculation greenhouse training

We have decided to share with you our technical skills and experience of more than 20 years and offer different technical training in energy calculation of greenhouses in order to help you in the achievement of your energy greenhouse projects and to advise your customers.

You are producer, crop consultant, greenhouse or energy consultant, greenhouse builder, equipment supplier or in research and academy.

This training about greenhouse design is for you and we can bring you technical solutions.

1- Greenhouse design training

With this training we will explain you what are the best conditions, orientations or equipment for a greenhouse design project whether it is existing or not (equipment classic or modern).

We will train you in greenhouse design and calculations by reviewing the thermal characteristics applied to greenhouses with different losses and conditions to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

We will allow you to avoid certain mistakes thanks to our trainings. You will be able to virtually visualize a greenhouse in different conditions and how to optimize it!

2- Greenhouse heating with renewable energy training

We will study the different renewable energies, and will explain the interest of each of them according to the type of greenhouse and its location. We will simulate and explain how to improve the energy efficiency of a greenhouse design project with renewable energy:

  • Solar thermal
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wood and biomass
  • Recovery heat

Master the essential formulas and calculations necessary to design efficient heating systems and be able to optimize the temperature of greenhouses through practical exercises and case studies.

3- Greenhouse calculation

We will train and do simulation, on results analysis and complex calculations (for instance leaf temperature):

  • Regulatory calculation
  • Advanced calculation
  • Thermal and energy calculation greenhouse training

Master the essential formulas and calculations necessary to evaluate thermal losses with exercises!

With Hortinergy, you can also design cannabis greenhouse with low energy costs and an optimal climate. You can simulate screens, closed greenhousesupplemental lighting

Our consulting company Agrithermic can also support you in calculations