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4 different offers adapted to your activity

One project corresponds to one greenhouse on a given site (geographic coordinates). One scenario is a calculation allowing to change any parameters on a project excluding geographic coordinates.


Starter pack

1 project + 10 scenarios

Perfect for growers!
This offer allows to study a project with a reference simulation and compare the quantitative influence of 10 scenarios with different parameters.

USD : approx 540  US $

CAD : approx 690 CA $

450 € excluding taxes

Classic pack

5 projects + 50 scenarios

Great for technicians and consultants!
If you are a regular user, the project pack is an economic solution.

USD : approx. 2170  US $

CAD : approx. 2770  CA $

1800 € excluding taxes

Expert pack

10 projects + 100 scenarios

Ideal for technicians, consultants and equipment manufacturers!
If you are a regular user, the project pack is an economic solution.

USD : approx 3853  US $

CAD : approx 4120 CA $

3200 € excluding taxes

Annual subscription

Unlimited use

Optimal for equipment manufacturers!
If you are a frequent user, this 12-month contract allows for unlimited use of Hortinergy.

USD : approx 7224  US $

CAD : approx 9220  CA $

Contact us for more information on this pack

€ excluding taxes

Option pack

10 scenarios

You need to compare new scenarios for a particular project ? The option pack is for you !

USD : approx 120 US$

CAD : approx 150 CA$

100 € excluding taxes

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