climate in an energy efficient greenhouse

Do you wish to design an energy efficient greenhouse with an optimal climate?

energy horticultural greenhouse
Do you wish to simulate energy consumption of your greenhouse project ?
greenhouse climate modelling software and energy efficient greenhouse software with Hortinergy
heating tube to improve greenhouse energy efficiency
Do you wish to model the inner climate of your greenhouse ?
energy horticultural greenhouse
energy horticultural greenhouse
Do you wish to compare different technical solutions to find the best configuration ?
optimize greenhouse energy consumption software with Hortinergy

Hortinergy is a friendly online software to design energy efficient greenhouse.

You can model inner climate and simulate energy consumption of any type of greenhouse all over the world as a Discover greenhouse design software simulation.

Furtermore, Hortinergy includes modern equipment : About semi closed greenhouse, About closed greenhouse, About assimilation lighting…  Crop library includes tomato , cucumber, strawberry, About Cannabis greenhouse design, salad, cut flower…

Reports includes a comprehensive analysis of climate modelling and energy consumption prediction. Moreover, it includes a pdf report as well as an Excel file with each data on hourly basis during a typical year.

Hortinergy is an online paid software. You can Choose your offer ! create an account and then start your project.

In a few minutes, enter you data online

Proven algorithms are used for calculations

Complete reports help you to find an optimal configuration

Why using Hortinergy ?

You are a greenhouse grower
You are a technician or a consultant
You are a greenhouse builder or an equipment manufacturer
  • Optimize your investment by comparing different technical solutions
  • Estimate your expenses to prepare your business plan
  • Obtain objective and independent information to deal with your suppliers
  • Support construction projects by comparing different configurations and  modern technologies . Therefore you can help them to design an energy efficient greenhouse with an optimal climate.
  • Simulate  impact of different equipment  and  climate settingsof an existing greenhous. You will help them to optimise their running costs.
  • Promote your offers with a technical and economic analysis of your technical solutions
  • Save time on design using specific greenhouse energy efficiency software
  • Showcase your products to other Hortinergy’s users

Besides, we propose tailored-made software to design energy efficient greenhouse  and  model inner climate. They are developped on “white mark” for greenhouse builders or equipment manufacturers.  For instance, Lien vers le site de Svensson and The website of Sudlac trust us to develop their greenhouse simulation software

They trust us

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