Greenhouse heating cost calculator

A greenhouse heating cost calculator helps you to predict energy consumption

Analyse in a few minutes the energy consumption and indoor climate of your project with our greenhouse heating simulator. You can simulate online any horticultural greenhouse project all over the world.

1. How does a greenhouse simulation software work?

greenhouse heating calculator hourly
With this greenhouse heating cost software you can:

greenhouse heating calculator monthly consumption

Outputs of the greenhouse simulator

  • Greenhouse energy consumption for heating, dehumidification, cooling, lighthing and ventilation on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis
  • Inner climate modelling (temperature, humidity) on an hourly basis like a virtual greenhouse
  • Consumption of the primary and secondary heating system and heat load-duration curve
  • Equipment sizing
  • Comparison of the solutions (annual, monthly basis)

2. Analyse in a few minutes the energy consumption and indoor climate of your project with our greenhouse heater simulator

Inputs of the greenhouse simulation software

  • GPS coordinates of the greenhouse for the weather file
  • Greenhouse structure: dimensions, materials and screens
  • Climate control settings: temperature and humidity during day/night time period, screens.
  • Types of crop (tomato, cannabis, lettuce, strawberry…)
  • Types of greenhouse (standard, semi-closed, active ventilation, closed)
  • Supplemental lighting equipment
  • Greenhouse energy production and storage equipment

You can simulate online any horticultural greenhouse project all over the world with our greenhouse heating calculator

Hortinergy predicts energy consumption: ventilation, dehumidification, lighting, cooling

You can choose your offer, create an account and start your project.

3. Methodology and reliability of the greenhouse heating simulator

A. General methodology

calculator methods

B. Different steps of the greenhouse simulation software

Algorithms of the greenhouse simulation software are complex. Therefore our servers need approximately 20 minutes to perform calculation to simulate your greenhouse. Then they send the reports.

Greenhouse heating calculator steps

C. Reliability of the greenhouse simulator

The climate modelling and energy consumption calculations are performed using proven algorithms. The 10% accuracy has been validated through measurement campaigns carried out at CTIFL, Astredhor and Wageningen University (WUR) in Mediterranean, ocean and semi-continental climates in conventional and semi-closed greenhouses.  Hortiny is used  by more than 200 users in the 5 continents. Users are growers, greenhouse designers, greenhouse builders, equipment supplyers, technical centers, universities…

Hortinergy, our greenhouse simulation software, was developed by Agrithermic in partnership with the CTIFL (French Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruits and Vegetables) and the Astredhor (Horticultural Institute of Technology), the Agrocampus Ouest and the agricultural high school of La Cote saint André (CFPPA).

D. What happens to my data in the greenhouse heating software?

You are the owner of your data in all circumstances. We only use your data to simulate your greenhouse project. They are not communicated to a third party or reused in our calculations or for any other purposes. Hortinergy is GDRP complient.

Your data are stored for 1 year in a secured server of the greenhouse design software, then they are deleted. You keep your hands on it: if you ask for, we can delete all your data at anytime.

Download the documentation of the greenhouse heating cost calculator:

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