Horticulture carbon taxe rebate

Energy saving investments may benefit from the horticultural carbon tax rebate policy in US and Canada. Energy utility companies often offer rebates to growers who invest in efficient or green energy solutions in carbon tax policy. In the horticulture under greenhouse, growers may request rebates for investing in:

– screens: thermal and blackout
– energy efficient boilers
– dehumidification systems

Hortinergy scientifically and impartially compares energy consumption through a simulation:
– before the improvement
– after an energy-efficient solution

In that way, you can estimate the energy savings and the rebates before your investment.


Information about horticultural carbon tax rebate and carbon tax relief in agriculture and horticulture in Canada

 You will find below:

-general informations about Greenhouse Carbon Tax in Canada

-detailed guidelines for Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant for several states in Canada


General informations about Greenhouse Carbon for Canada:

How does carbon tax work in Canada? https://youtu.be/fTOQ4sZJBKs


Detailed guidelines for greenhouse carbon tax relief grant and carbon tax rebate in agriculture and horticulture for several states in Canada:

Situation for Alberta

Situation for Saskatchewan :

Situation For Manitoba

Situation for Ontario

Situation for New brunswick

Situation for Prince Edward island

Situation for Newfoudland & Labrador

Situation for Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut

In conclusion, Hortinergy is a friendly online software which calculates energy saving and estimate your carbon tax rebate. You can simulate and compare for example:

With Hortinergy, you can simulate screens, semi-closed greenhouse, energy consumption, sustainability, cannabis greenhouse, supplemental lighting, and calculate carbon tax rebate. We also provide trainings on energy consumption to become a greenhouse designer.

Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer, create an account and start your project.