Light calculator for PV greenhouse (photovoltaic)


1- Why a light calculator for PV greenhouse?

A light calculator for PV greenhouse (photovoltaic) simulates light, solar radiation, PAR and DLI reaching canopy in a solar greenhouse.

Nowadays, energy mix and renewable energy are crucial issues. Photovoltaic greenhouses are a part of the solution. However, most of projects are designed to maximise electricity generation without considering crop production.

Therefore, they often fail agronomically due to a lack of light / PAR radiation inside the greenhouse.

Hortinergy PV helps to size the photovoltaic greenhouse to find the best combination between crop production and electricity generation.

2- How does a light calculator for PV greenhouse work?

Hortinergy PV considers:

  • Sun position: hourly position
  • Greenhouse dimension, type, orientation…
  • Structure (PV panel, frame) shade / transparency, absorption and inner/outer reflexion based on material properties
  • Solar /PAR transmission of transparent cover material properties
  • Shade from one chapel to another chapel according to sun position, cover…
  • Crop and soil reflexion (including multi-reflexion to/from frame and transparent cover from/to canopy)
  • Solar radiation /PAR going outside the greenhouse (roof, sides)


Inputs of the PV greenhouse calculator are:

  • Greenhouse dimension, type, orientation, shape, symmetrical/ asymmetrical
  • PV panel specification: single or double face, transparency
  • Transparent cover specification


Outputs of the PV greenhouse simulator are:

  • average hourly radiation / DLI reaching canopy in an Excel file
  • monthly summary in a PDF report

3- Need more accurate light simulation for your PV greenhouse?

We can provide, with Hortinergy PV Desktop, advanced calculation.

Input: any patchwork combining any types of solar panel and / or transparent cover.

Outputs: User designs a grid in the greenhouse. Software calculates solar radiation reaching canopy at any locating of the defined grid for a specific height. Output is an Excel file with hourly of solar radiation / PAR in each point of the grid.

With Hortinergy, you can simulate screens, semi-closed greenhouse, energy consumption, sustainability, cannabis greenhouse, supplemental lighting, and calculate carbon tax rebate. We also provide trainings on energy consumption to become a greenhouse designer.

Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer, create an account and start your project.