Closed greenhouse

Closed greenhouse design Closed greenhouse design Hortinergy

You can design closed greenhouse whith Hortinergy all over the world  for most of crops , including cannabis !

Hortinergy calculates the sensible and latent cooling needs to control the greenhouse inner climate (temperature, humidity)! With these energy simulation, you will find a monthly summary and hourly values for a typical year.

Inputs are GPS location, crop, greenhouse specification, equipment and climate setpoints.

With Hortinergy, you can also design assimilation light.

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Hortinergy was developed by Agrithermic in partnership with the CTIFL (French Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables) and RATHO/ASTREDHOR (Institute of Horticulture Technology), the Agro-Campus Ouest University and the Center for Professional Training and Agricultural Promotion (CFPPA) in La Cote Saint André.

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