Greenhouse energy consultancy

Our consultant models your greenhouse project

It’s easy to be a greenhouse consultant with Hortinergy. You can simulate online any horticultural greenhouse project worldwide with our greenhouse design software:

  • inner climate on an hourly basis during a typical year,
  • energy consumption : heating, dehumidification, lighting, cooling..


Hortinergy gives you the opportunity to :

  • compare the different technical solutions available for your project
  • find the optimal configuration according to your needs
  • sustainably reduce your energy costs


Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer, create an account and start your project.

Analyse in a few minutes the energy consumption and the indoor climate of your project as a greenhouse designer.
Download the documentation :

How our consultant will design your energy efficient greenhouse ?

General methodology
Greenhouse designer consultant methods

Different steps in the greenhouse simulation software

Algorithms of the greenhouse calculator are complex.  Therefore our servers need approximately 20 minutes to perform calculation to simulate your greenhouse. Then they send the reports. (ex: cannabis greenhouse consultant.)

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We also provide training on energy calculation and greenhouse design.

With Hortinergy, you can also design cannabis greenhouse with low energy cost and an optimal climate. You can simulate screen, closed greenhouse  and supplemental lighting.

The consultancy is provided by Agrithermic, our mother company.