Assimilation lighting

How to design assimilation lighting in a greenhouse with Hortinergy ?

Assimilation lighting design Assimilation lighting design in Hortinergy

You can design the assimilation lighting  system of your greenhouse with Hortinergy.

Hortinergy models:

  • HPS and LED assimilation light.
  • Natural solar radiation transmitted by the transparent cover and reaching canopy
  • Assimilation lighting required according to regulation set-points:
    • Day Light Integral (DLI)
    • or fixed monthly schedule
  • Electricity consumption
  • Impact on the inner climate and energy consumption
    • sensible heat generated by light
    • latent heat or evapotranspiration generated by crop due to light.

Calculation are performed on hourly basis during a typical year.

You will know precisely your electricity consumption by taking into account the different parameters of your assimilation light.

Assimilation lighting design in a greenhouse with Hortinergy

With Hortinergy, you can also design  semic-closed and closed greenhouse.

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