Hortinergy is a friendly online software to design energy efficient greenhouse.

You can model the inner climate of your energy efficient greenhouse and simulate the energy consumption of any type of greenhouse all over the world as a virtual greenhouse.

Furthermore, Hortinergy includes modern equipment : semi-closed greenhouse, closed greenhouse, supplemental lighting…  Crop library includes tomato, cucumbe, strawberry, cannabis, salad, cut flower…

Reports includes a comprehensive analysis of climate modelling and energy consumption prediction. Moreover, it includes a pdf report as well as an Excel file with each data on an hourly basis during a typical year.

Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer , create an account and start your project.

In a few minutes, enter you data online

Proven algorithms are used for calculations

Complete reports help you to find an optimal configuration

What features can be integrated in your energy efficient greenhouse model ?

With Hortinergy, you can also design  semi-closed greenhouse and test different settings so that you can optimise climate and energy consumption of your greenhouse project.  In hot and wet climate, closed greenhouse is an interesting option to achieve an optimal climate.

You can simulate screen,  sustainablity, cannabis greenhouse ,  supplemental lighting, and calculate carbon taxe rebate.  We provide also training on energy  consumption to be a greenhouse designer.

Hortinergy is an online software. You can choose your offer , create an account and start your project.

Climate modelling and energy consumption calculations are performed using proven algorithms. The 10% accuracy has been validated by measurement campaigns  at CTIFL  French Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables); Astredhor (Horticultural institute of technology),and Wageningen University (WUR) in Mediterranean, ocean and semi-continental climates in conventional and semi-closed greenhouses.

Hortinergy, our greenhouse simulation software, has been developed by Agrithermic in partnership with the CTIFL (French Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruits and Vegetables) and the Astredhor (Horticultural institute of technology), the Agrocampus Ouest and the agricultural high school of  La Cote saint André (CFPPA).