Do you wish to model the inner climate of your greenhouse ?
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energy horticultural greenhouse
Do you wish to calculate the energy consumption and expenditure for your horticultural greenhouse project ?
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Do you wish to compare different technical solutions to make the best technical and economic choices ?
energy horticultural greenhouse
energy horticultural greenhouse
Do you wish to optimize the energy consumption of your future greenhouses ?
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Hortinergy is an online simulation software package allowing to model inner climate and calculate enrgy consumption in horticultural greenhouse with the optimum climate

Hortinergy enables you to design high-efficiency horticultural greenhouses. It simulates and compares different heating, dehumidifying and cooling technical solutions for your horticultural greenhouse over one year on an hourly basis. Modelling includes specific-greenhouse climate control parameters: composition of the covering, equipment, heating system, canopy, desired internal climate, external climate, etc.
Reports includes comprehensive analysis of climate modelling.

In a few minutes, enter you data online

Proven algorithms are used for calculations

Complete reports help you to find an optimal configuration

Why using Hortinergy ?

You are a greenhouse grower
You are an horticultural technician or consultant
You are a greenhouse equipment manufacturer
  • Optimize your investment by comparing different technical solutions
  • Estimate your expenses to prepare your business plan
  • Obtain objective and independent informations to deal with your suppliers
  • Support grower construction projects by comparing different configurations and integrating modern technologies (semi-closed greenhouse, dehumidification solution, etc.)
  • Simulate the impact of the different equipment components and control parameters with climate computer technology
  • Promote your offers with a technical and economic analysis of your technical solutions
  • Save time on design using specific greenhouse energy efficiency software
  • Showcase your products to other Hortinergy’s users

They trust us